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Relax At Home

If you are someone who loves to cool off in the pool on those hot summer days, then an above ground pool from Atlantis Pools & Spas Inc, in Union City, TN is for you. Have your own personal getaway right at home.


Host your own pool party and let your home be the place your kids want to hang at this summer. Get a quality product at an affordable price. We also repair and install liners on in-ground swimming pools.


Options & Features


Cabinet Colors
Acrylic Colors


Efficient Design

A three-layered floor construction includes a tough ABS plastic which seamlessly covers the entire bottom, wrapping upward onto the cabinet sidewalls. A thick layer of foam insulates for temperature control while the wooden layer provides strength and rigidity for a unit that is both energy-saving and durable. An inside reflective thermal barrier ensures outstanding thermal efficiency. The use of a strong fiberglass, non-filled resin backing with an insulating foam coating provides maximum strength and efficiency.



Highland Spas have a unique system that maximizes energy efficiency and minimizes heat loss, keeping them lightweight and economical to own and operate. Waste heat from pump operation warms the air cavity behind the cabinet and is radiated and absorbed back into the spa plumbing. Warmed air is trapped between the TemperBaseTM insulated floor panel and cabinet top gasket creating efficient thermos air tight insulation. It was developed considering low monthly costs, service and installation for your long-term satisfaction.

Self Cleaning Filtration

Highland Spas come with a reliable and virtually self-maintaining filtration system. It utilizes power from the jet pump to clean and sanitize the spa water. Used water and surface debris is captured through waterline and bottom safety suctions and sent to the pump, where the power of the jet pump forcefully pushes the dirty water through a deep pleated filter cartridge, capturing all dirt and contaminants.
* Not included with Value Series Spas

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