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Enjoy Your Own Private Paradise

If you are someone who loves to cool off in the pool on those hot summer days, then an above ground pool from Atlantis Pools & Spas Inc, in Union City, TN is for you. Have your own personal getaway right at home.


Host your own pool party and let your home be the place your kids want to hang at this summer. Get a quality product at an affordable price. We also repair and install liners on in-ground swimming pools.



Grand Admiral Series
Butterfly texture.jpg
Disco texture.jpg
Byzantine texture.jpg
Platinum texture.jpg
Seaglass texture.jpg
Admiral Series 27 mil
Amelia Silver texture.jpg
Verona Mosaic texture.jpg
Las Olas texture.jpg
Bayview Graphite texture.jpg
Oyster Bay texture.jpg
Augusta texture.jpg
Treauxbridge texture.jpg
Captain Series 20 mil
Carnegie Arctic texture.jpg
Raleigh Blue Texture.jpg
Renegade Mosaic texture.jpg
Carnegie Mosaic texture.jpg
Neptune texture.jpg
Verona Grey texture.jpg
Diamond Deco texture.jpg
Mosaic Wave texture.jpg
Agra Bahama texture.jpg
Amelia Cobalt texture.jpg
Sunburst Cobalt texture.jpg
Carolina Arctic texture.jpg
Mountain Diffusion texture.jpg
Venice Mosaic texture.jpg
Slate Medallion texture.jpg
Blue Ridge texture.jpg
Crystal texture.jpg
Greystone texture.jpg
Renegade Slate texture.jpg
Mountain Slate texture.jpg
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